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Brisk Photo Credit: Alison Seto
Therapy Session



We are disappointed to announce that due to continuing restrictions, our Fall 2021 Kids' Grief Workshop at Knox Presbyterian Church

is postponed until early 2022. As soon as

we can confirm new dates, we will update our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Bernie's Buddies Workshops integrate a peer support environment where youth interact with other youth who've experienced a death loss in their lives. Participating together in a therapy dog visit, yoga exercise movement and mindfulness, and creative grief conversation helps foster a sense of community and belonging while navigating grief emotions.

**Please note the loss does not have to be recent.

Participants receive a certificate of completion and a picture of

our therapy dog.


Parents and caregivers are encouraged to visit with each other while youth in their care are participating in the workshops.

**OUR WORKSHOPS ARE FREE thanks to generous donor support**

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